The next Concert is 05/06/2019 at Concorde Club, Eastleigh (Ian Bateman Jazz Band + Enrico Tomasso + Tony Jacobs)

In addition to our concert show we have two special shows:

The Ultimate Louis Armstrong Show featuring the music of Louis' entire career with our special guests, Enrico Tomasso (Trumpet/Vocals) and Tom 'Spats' Langham (Banjo/Guitar/Vocals)

The Ultimate Louis Armstrong Show

'What A Wonderful Christmas'
Our special Christmas show featuring the familiar songs of Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Bing Crosby and Nat King Cole

What A Wonderful Christmas

Bateman Brothers Jazz Band

Technical - Stage Plan

This is the stage plan for our normal 7-piece band concerts.

Bateman Brothers Stage Plan

We prefer SM58 microphones or similar.

If using acoustic piano, this will need to be amplified. If using electric piano then amplification requirements depend on the venue.

Bass is self-supporting. DI may be required - depending on the venue.

Drums are usually not miked but in larger venues, a bass drum mic, snare mic and two overheads wil usually suffice. Drummer requires a piece of carpet to set up on.

Seperate monitor mixes for vocalists / trombone-trumpet-clarinet / piano / drums are preferred. If only two mixes available then vocalists / the rest of us!

For the Ultimate Louis Armstrong Show

The setup is pretty much the same with the following changes:

The left-side vocal mic is ocassionally used for trumpet too, although he stands away from the mic

A banjo/guitarist sits (chair required) in the curve of the piano. He does not amplify his instruments, preferring a microphone set low.

Please note: The slide for projection on the back curtain will be provided on the night if required and you have the facility.

Links to press packs will appear here soon...

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